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Custom Jewelry Design

At Daniel’s Jewelers our main goal is to provide the perfect piece of jewelry for you. By working with our designers and manufacturers we can usually find something that’s just right. But sometimes we need to go further and make what you want from scratch.

Daniel’s Jewelers will take you through the process step by step. We start with the design by sketches. Then Dan makes the wax model that he carves here in store. The piece goes to the caster and then it gets finished and set. Many times we can take different size stones from multiple rings and combine into the perfect ring, pendant, or earrings.

Also available are CAD-CAM design services. Where the designs are entered into the computer and renderings are made for you to view before the wax model is made.

Whatever your desire, Daniel’s is the store that can make it happen.

Custom Jewelry Pieces Created at Daniel's

Custom Pendant

A custom pendant from inspiration to drawing to final piece.

Custom Rings

Cad Drawings for Custom Rings