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Fashion Jewelry

Fine Jewelry. Designer Jewelry. Gold, Diamonds, and more! Daniel's Jewelers offers a large selection of fine and fashion jewelry to suit every taste. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets available in Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Pink Gold with or without Diamonds or other Precious Gems. Stop in to see our Designer Jewelry offerings from around the world. 

Bastian Inverun

Bastian Inverun offers high-quality designer jewellery made exclusively from sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is a handmade work of art.  Our philosophy for this is quite simple: We want to create unique pieces of jewellery that emphasize the personal style and individuality of independent women with a strong character. 

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Bella Cavo by Kelly Waters


Bella Cavo is an Italian phrase, meaning Beautiful Cable. Inspired by Italian design, the Bella Cavo Collection by Kelly Waters consists of flexible cuff bracelets and rings. Crafted in sterling silver and featuring a variety of metal and stone colors, each Bella Cavo piece creates a stylish and versatile look when worn independently and when layered together. Lightweight and easy to wear, the Bella Cavo Collection fits any fashion taste and occasion. From date nights and formal weddings to work meetings and weekend brunches, these bracelets and rings are the perfect accessories.

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Merit Diamond

Our timeless collection blends elegance and simplicity. All designs are exquisitely crafted with natural diamonds set in precious metals highlighting the jewelry’s gentle, feminine curves. Our timeless collection blends elegance and simplicity. All designs are exquisitely crafted with natural diamonds set in precious metals highlighting the jewelry’s gentle, feminine curves. Every diamond is polished underneath creating a mirror effect for maximum brilliance. You can expect the highest level of workmanship with quality control in every level of production. Our collections include Sirena, Juno Lucina, and Monica Danko.

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Officina Bernardi


Elegant Italian Style meets High Technology. Officina Bernardi offers Sterling Silver jewelry in a variety of finishes.

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Gems One

Daniel's Jewelers carries many of the trendy collections from Gems Once including Mixables, Rhythm of Love, Two Stone, and more. 

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Phillip Gavriel


Designer Jewelry in Gold and Silver available from Phillip Gavriel at other designers at Royal Chain. Browse the catalog, like what you see, give us a call to order or add to your wish list.

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Shimmering Diamonds

Nothing shines quite like a diamond. Shimmering Diamonds makes a diamond's unique sparkle unforgettable. An innovative setting technique allows the diamond to be in motion, so every move she makes is reflected in its everlasting shimmer. Offered in an array of styles and prices, Shimmering Diamonds is sure to be loved and admired. When she's wearing Shimmering Diamonds, nothing will shine quite like her. Make her sparkle with Shimmering Diamonds.

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Carla - Nancy B


Carla - As the world leans more and more towards high fashion, there has always been a need for classic and wearable jewelry; whether that is a pair of gold ball studs or a simple hoop earring. At home or at the office, we’ve taken a new look at traditional design and crafted our line to be perfect for everyday wear and every woman.

Nancy B - For the days you need a little flare or the perfect earring for your little black dress think of Nancy B. We’ve designed our line to serve as your go to fun jewelry while still taking a simplistic approach. Sometimes your jewelry doesn’t need to scream…sometimes it just needs to shine.

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Rego Designs

When it comes to Fashion Jewelry Rego has it all! Bridal,Remounts,Anniversary Bands,Wraps and Jackets,Diamond Fashion,Diamond Pendants & Earrings,Gems of Distinction,Delivery Color,Color Rings

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Landstrom's Black Hills Gold


Landstrom's is the oldest Black Hills Gold manufacturing company and is the only true heir to the original Black Hills Gold designs, tools, and manufacturing methods made over 100 years ago.The distinctive grape and leaf design in three colors of gold make Black Hills Gold a unique American art form. In an age of robotic manufacturing, each piece of Landstrom's Black Hills Gold continues to be handcrafted by our highly skilled and talented artisans.

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